Information on Egg Farming In New Zealand

This website has been created by the Egg Farmers of New Zealand to provide information about eggs and egg farming to help you make informed choices about buying eggs for you and your family.

Here you can research the various egg farming methods used in New Zealand, obtain information about how eggs are produced, review current legislation relating to eggs including the New Zealand Code of Welfare for Layer Hens, and find answers to frequently asked questions about commercial egg farming methods.

All commercial egg farms in New Zealand must operate within strict legal requirements for food safety and meet stringent health and food safety standards. All farms are audited annually by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to ensure full compliance. New Zealand’s egg farmers take great pride in what they do and many farms are owned by families that have dedicated themselves for generations to producing a very nutritious, healthy and natural whole food.

These farmers create jobs for their local communities and care about the environment, animal welfare, consumer food safety, egg quality and the economic sustainability of their businesses. They are committed to providing New Zealanders with real choice when purchasing their eggs, including a range of farming methods, types of eggs and sizes/grades, packaging options and a variety of brands that are available throughout the country.


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